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Sorecfer is based, since 2007, on its 30K square meter processing facility. ISO certified (9001 and 14001), we implement all appropriate means to meet requirements and demands of all our partners.


SORECFER offers to its partners a provision of various kind of containers adapted to their activities and their needs (PalBox from 600 to 1600l, Bins, Containers from 7m3 to 35m3…).

& transportation

SORECFER propose to all companies, scrap dealer and local communities to collect their Scraps and waste directly on their sites.
With our fleet of trucks, Sorecfer manages collections and deliveries of your scraps all over the world.


Sorecfer has on site, technical and human resources to analyze all metals and alloys. We get chemical compositions with our spectrometer device and our 7 Handheld XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) analyzers.

& Preparation

Sorecfer’s production is divided into two parts. The 1st part is related to metal sorting using analytical equipment. The second part is related to metal processing using plasma torches, crushing line, shearing-press, alligator shear.

& Storage

Metals are stored in loose, jumbo bags, pallets or drums. The goods are then packed according to customers’ specifications.


Since 2012, Sorecfer has its own waste disposal center dedicated to professionals (DIB, cardboard, wood, green waste, rubble). SORECFER also proposes to treat the D3E (Central Units, Screens, Batteries, Batteries, Print Circuit boards ...).

Waste collection center &
Management of 7 flows

Our waste collection center is careful to respect the sorting of waste according to the 7 main flows: Paper & cardboard / Metals / Plastics / Glass / Wood / Plaster / Mineral fraction

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